Below is a sampling of the variety of Small and Cat Collars that are available.

The first half of the page shows those collars make with nylon webbing and the second half of the pag shows the collars made with cotton.

The Dog Collars do not have the bell.   Cat Collars have the bell and are breakaway.

The size of the standard Small Dog and Cat Collars are 1/2″ wide and 7″ – 11″ in length.

The cat Breakaway buckles are specially designed for cats. If their collar catches on something, the cat’s twisting or struggling action causes the buckle to open, freeing the cat.

To put on and off the cat, simply press down the tab on the male part and pull apart flat and straight.

The breakaway strength is normally at about 8 lbs and can be changed by adjusting the tab on the male part of the buckle. Pushing the tab flat lowers the breakaway strength and bending the tab up increases the strength.

Below is a PDF Order form that you can download and either mark those that you need and email the form back to or compose separate email with the items you need.